3 powerful ways to forget about jealousy. resentment and fear of betrayal!Why are we jealous favorite?

Why live in fear of being deceived?

Change the situation — come and learn how to live without fear and jealousy!

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Jealousy (men/women) — feeling strong and very dangerous. Because as soon as the man let her into his life, you can say goodbye to serenity and trust. Get rid of JEALOUSY.

Mutual resentment: Why are people offended? They believe that other people should behave the way they expected of him, thus denying his right to independent action. Continue reading

What are the causes of jealousyCauses of jealousy of any man are somewhere in his past. Thus jealous is definitely not born — they become. If it seems that he already from birth was jealous, then it most likely means that he very early childhood, managed to copy the mannerisms of a jealous person with some adults, most likely their parents. Because children initially and study — copy — not just sounds, words, and behavior, response, States, emotions.

In addition to copying behaviour and related emotions, jealousy can grow from those past episodes in which the person have the feeling that it left. For example, adults have gone somewhere and left your child alone, and he was afraid they were not coming back. As an adult, this fear of being abandoned by people he can draw on his love partner, hence the jealousy, in this case, which is essentially a fear of being alone, abandonment. Continue reading

What to do if the jealousy does not give «sick» head to live? Main should be two starting point – the love and respect of choice of another person. When, instead of jealousy, trust and love yourself, then people will never control their choices and their behavior, and will not have to worry about selecting another person. If we can understand and accept, we will take that burden that bore down upon us with jealousy. We come into this world not to suffer, but in order to be happy, to develop and grow. In the circle of our duties do not include the education of adults and Mature people. This is a personal problem of the individual. Continue reading

life living in a marriageVery often, talking to the fairer sex that some part of his life living in a marriage, you can hear the frustration in family life, in particular partner. Here and complaints about the deficiencies of attention, love, tenderness, and excessive jealousy and betrayal. But the highlight of the whole remains “the voice in the wilderness” men are polygamous. What to do with this heart “Dorm”? To recommend that “no, mom life partner and his feelings of jealousy, mutual suspicion and scandals, and accept what is” – seem unacceptable. Although everything that is listed that never contributed to the bonding and mutual respect, to revive the senses.

As it is not insulting to women to hear, but for men love — not the goal and not the meaning of life. This does not mean that men do not want to be loved, and cannot give his love. Just falling in love with, he takes it as already an accomplished fact. We women need constant replenishment of feelings (love), without this we can not imagine its existence. Continue reading

Loyalty or jealousy: how to spice up relationship?What is non-sexual cheating and what to do if husband’s new hobby and new friends “on the side”? The advice of a psychologist

Usually the answer to this question is unambiguously associated with variations on a theme: the husband suddenly returned from a business trip, and there… In General, to expose the treason he should look in the bedroom, and all becomes clear.

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Many years ago, for writing one of the articles I interviewed several happy couples. And in one of these families told me that for them, adultery – is to spend the time they could devote to each other, with someone else or take the time to some chores. Continue reading

What to do if your ex husband has occupied a firm place in his virtual life?A lot depends on how you found out about it — accidentally, on purpose (looking through his profiles on social networks), or he said so himself. It’s one thing when the man himself tells about it its second half, and quite another when it is “sertic” Internet, mobile phone in search of evidence of devotion or infidelity. The stakes are very high, or rather, it goes to show what a couple relationship.

Not to commit follies in your family life. splashing out at the man your suspicions in the first place, it is important to refer to itself. How does this affect you? Do you feel confident next to her husband, do you have enough warmth and love from him now? Often jealousy hide long accumulated tension in the pair, when small claims are falling drop by drop ” into a fountain of words like “I knew that you had someone there”. Continue reading